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The Mitchell Mountain Company creates top quality hand crafted log and timber framed homes. As master builders, Mitchell Mountain Company is dedicated to excellence in design, craftsmanship and quality. If properly designed and built, handcrafted homes are one of the most enduring and beautiful forms of construction that exist in the world today. We are located in Granby, Vermont and invite you to visit our building site.


Robert C. Peters, Founder and Master Craftsman
Robert Peters has been a craftsman all of his life. From builing toy boxes to 10,000 square feet homes. Robert worked for the State of Vermont as a resident Engineer until he co-founded the engineering consulting firm PCCI. He started Mitchell Mountain Company in 2000 so he could focus on his real passion - building hand crafted log homes. He currently lives in the first log home he built with his wife Sonia and daughter Michaela. The home was built with hand selected Vermont logs that have been hand peeled and hand scribed.

Robert is an excellent teacher. He enjoys instructing others on the art of building hand crafted log homes. If your interested in Mitchell Mountain's Apprentice Program please email Robert directly at robert@mitchellmountain.com or call 802-328-3886.


Sonia L. Peters, PE
Sonia Peters is a licenced Professional Engineer. She worked for the State of Vermont as a resident engineer until she co-founded the engineeering consulting firm, PCCI, with her husband Robert.



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